• Translation services

    We provide translation services into and from Catalan, Spanish and English, covering a wide range of subjects in many formats.

    We also offer translation services in other language pairs. Contact us for more information.

  • Editing services

    Copywriting and website content in many subjects.

We have revised the Catalan chartered institute of opticians’ quarterly magazine

The Col·legi Oficial d’Òptics Optometristes i Òptiques Optometristes de Catalunya (the Catalan chartered institute of opticians, COOOC) has just published its quarterly magazine in Catalan for its members. We have been given the task to revise this publication, which contains information on the latest developments relating to the professional field.

Translation of a website on landscape and bioengineering

We have just finished the translation into English of the website Naturalea, a Catalan company specialising in landscape restoration and the implementation of soil bioengineering techniques.  

We are translating the website “Girona, territori cardioprotegit”

We are working on the language revision (Catalan) and translation (into Spanish and English) of the website “Girona, territori cardioprotegit” (Girona, a cardio-protected area) by Dipsalut. This is an informative site about the programme that makes available a network of defibrillators in the region of Girona in order to fight sudden cardiac death.